Telehouse West (Docklands)

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Telehouse West opened in 2010 and is the best Telehouse building for power densities but weakest for carrier choice. However, it now includes a fast-growing LINX node with over 100 ports in use. Telehouse West is best suited for enterprise or content-distribution clients who want medium power densities and reasonable carrier access.

Telehouse West data centre, Docklands, London

Telehouse West, Coriander Avenue, London E14 2AA

  • 50,000 sq ft of net technical capacity
  • Good rack power densities, 4kW standard
  • Fastest growing LINX site in the UK
  • 24/7 access, on-site support and security
  • Crosspoint per-U colocation
  • Crosspoint’s dedicated quarter and half rack modules
  • Crosspoint’s network solutions to all our connected London data centres

Review of Telehouse West

Telehouse West is a modern, high-quality data centre facility offering 50,000 sq ft of net technical capacity across five floors. Each floor offers a superb colocation environment. All cabinets benefit from dual A+B power feeds with 4kW/20Amps per cabinet the standard, but up to 6kW or more is possible. Colocation racks are available in open areas. Dedicated caged rooms from three racks upwards are also possible.

Telehouse West’s carrier list is much smaller than those of the well-established North or East buildings. The list is certainly adequate by most facility standards, however, and continues to grow.

As evidence of this, LINX have added over 100 ports to their new node in just two years, making Telehouse West their fastest-growing site. Connectivity-focussed clients will still prefer Telehouse North or East in order to have the widest possible range of carrier interconnects. We are beginning to notice the occasional carrier platform in Telehouse West, however, such as TalkTalk’s Ethernet platform or Telefonica/O2, who are not available elsewhere on the Telehouse campus.

Crosspoint’s services

Crosspoint Colocation quarter rack

Our services in Telehouse West range from 1U to full cabinets, with a few of our ever-popular quarter racks and a pair of our half racks also currently in service. We can offer more power if required and have run cabinets up to 7kW here.

We arrange all cross-connects required by our customers and can advise on the best commercial arrangements to manage the costs involved. All Crosspoint customers in Telehouse enjoy the direct use of the Telehouse 24/7 remote-hands service, which is free for any fault-related incident.

Crosspoint’s full range of network services is available here, with Internet ports and easy connections to the other Telehouse buildings or our data centres located further afield. The Telehouse dark-fibre Interlink service is another alternative means to access North, East and the forthcoming North2.

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