Telehouse North Two (Docklands)

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Telehouse North Two opened in the fourth quarter of 2016, bringing a fourth building and a further 80,000 sq ft or 16MW of customer power to the Telehouse Docklands data centre campus. Crosspoint’s first rack in North Two went live in the summer of 2017. As to be expected from such a modern data centre, power density is high at an average of 4.5kW per cabinet. Carrier options directly available in North Two are improving rapidly, and the data centre has recently been confirmed as London’s third AWS Direct Connect site.

Telehouse North Two data centre

Telehouse North Two, Coriander Avenue, London E14 2AA

  • 80,000 sq ft net technical capacity, 16MW customer power
  • AWS Direct Connect Location
  • 24/7 access and support
  • Crosspoint’s dedicated quarter and half racks with immediate availability

Review of Telehouse North Two

North Two offers seven floors of data centre space, each able to support 530 cabinets at 4.5kW each or 2.25MW in total. The first two floors were made available at the opening of the building and two more under fit out in Q4 2017.

Each cabinet is fed by 2(N+1) power feeds and housed in a ‘hot aisle’ containing PODs to ensure maximum site efficiency. Telehouse claim a PUE of 1.16 for North Two – a hugely impressive figure for an urban-located data centre and a target achieved by Telehouse installing the world’s first multistorey adiabatic cooling system.

As part of the Telehouse campus all customers in North Two benefit from the site’s security, 24/7 access and on-site support.

Crosspoint’s services

Crosspoint’s range of both full and part rack colocation solutions are available in NorthTwo, starting from as little as one of our 11U dedicated quarter racks.

Cross-connects are arranged by Crosspoint and charges are as per the Telehouse price list (including connections back to the other three Telehouse Docklands buildings). 24/7 access and support is also included.

Crosspoint network services, including Internet ports and data centre interconnects to our other 13 London data centres are provided as either 1Gbs pseudowires or 10Gbs waves.

For more details and prices, fill in our simple quote-request form – or just call us on 01483 892048.