Telehouse East (Docklands)

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Telehouse East offers access to some carriers not present in the Telehouse North building next door. It also offers access to several financial networks and trading venues such as ICE SFTI. Many customers use our dedicated quarter rack units in Telehouse East to house a small-network PoP, and connect to the carriers they can’t reach through Telehouse North.

Telehouse East data centre, Docklands, London

Telehouse East, Coriander Avenue, London E14 2AA

  • 60,000 sq ft of net technical capacity
  • Second-busiest LINX node
  • Access to some carriers not present in Telehouse North
  • 24/7 access, on-site support and security
  • Crosspoint per-U colocation
  • Crosspoint’s dedicated quarter and half rack modules
  • Crosspoint’s network solutions to all our connected London data centres

Review of Telehouse East

Telehouse East opened in 2000. It offers 60,000 sq ft of net technical capacity across five floors. Being the newer, smaller sister of the Telehouse North building next door, the data centre offers significant benefits in terms of enhanced riser capacity (which make cross-connects easier to run). Power density is not great by modern standards – and is probably more restricted than in the North building – with 2kW per rack via dual A+B feeds being the standard.

Whilst the Telehouse East carrier list is not as long as that of its larger sister, it offers access to some carriers not present in Telehouse North. Hurricane Electric is a good example. It remains the second-busiest LINX site in London, with about 15% of the total LINX ports in use being located here. (North has about 600 ports, or 40% of the total.)

Telehouse East offers direct access to certain financial trading networks such as ICE SFTI. It also offers access to the ICE trading platform, which attracts the interest of the various banks and brokers.

Overall, the standard benefits of being on the Telehouse campus remain the same. These include excellent site security and a 24/7 remote-hands service, which is included in the colocation service fees. All Telehouse buildings also benefit from ISO 27001 and PCI DSS certification.

Crosspoint’s services

Crosspoint quarter rack at Telehouse East

Our operations in Telehouse East are largely concentrated in TFM60 on the third floor, where we run a variety of dual-fed cabinets. Virtually all of these are configured for our dedicated quarter racks. Standard power density is 2kW per footprint, or 0.5kW per quarter rack. However, there is some scope for overuse and we run some full-rack customers at 16Amps/3.5kW.

Crosspoint’s full range of network services are available here, with Internet ports and easy connections to the other Telehouse buildings or our data centres located further afield. The Telehouse dark-fibre Interlink service is also another alternative means to access North, West and the forthcoming North2.

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