Equinix LD8 – formerly Telecity HEX (Docklands)

Equinix LD8 – formerly Telecity HEX (Docklands) 2018-02-27T15:37:46+00:00

Equinix LD8 was known as Telecity Harbour Exchange (HEX) until 2016. It’s the second-most-connected data-centre ecosystem in London. As a result, LD8 is often used as a redundant network node for our wholesale clients. Our full racks as well as our dedicated quarter and half racks are available here.

Telecity (HEX) data centre, Docklands, London

Equinix LD8, 8/9 Harbour Exchange, London E14 9HF

  • Over 100,000 sq ft of net technical capacity
  • Second-best-connected colocation ecosystem in London
  • Ability to cross-connect into HEX 6&7, single-campus concept
  • 24/7 access, on-site support and security
  • Crosspoint’s dedicated quarter and half racks with immediate availability
  • Full racks from 2kW/10Amps
  • Crosspoint’s connectivity services available

Review of Telecity HEX/Equinix LD8

Telecity united the former Redbus data centre at 6/7 Harbour Exchange with their own site at 8/9 Harbour Exchange (by allowing direct cross-connects between the two buildings). HEX has since become the second network node in London to the Telehouse campus located a mile and a half away.

In total, HEX now offers just over 100,000 square feet of net technical capacity and has scope to expand even further. With the original Redbus side of the site opening in 1999, power densities in some areas are fairly low (2kW to 3.5kW per rack being typical) whereas the newest phases, which opened in 2013, offer higher capacities.

With Telecity being aquired by Equinix, HEX is going to see further expansion in its new role as Equinix’s best-connected (from a carrier perspective) London data centre. This will ensure it remains the best alternative for network access to our Telehouse operations.

Crosspoint’s services

Crosspoint quarter rack at Telecity Hex

Crosspoint customers mostly use HEX as a redundant and diverse network node to our main operations at Telehouse. This is where HEX performs its best role.

We operate full racks in Hex and maintain a stock of dedicated quarter and half racks for immediate use. These are ideal for service providers seeking a low-cost yet high-quality point-of-presence in HEX. We are also highly experienced in the site’s cabling arrangements, ensuring the best value and delivery.

As HEX sits on Crosspoint’s Docklands fibre ring, we can offer secure and redundant links back to any of our other data-centre locations, including the Equinix campus in Slough (LD4, LD5 and LD6).

Crosspoint Internet ports are also available, and 24/7 support is provided on a pay-per-use basis.

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