London data centres

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Crosspoint operates in 12 key London data centres. Nine are based centrally and in the Docklands. The other four are just outside London’s M25 orbital motorway. Our portfolio offers access to strategic interconnection hubs and financial trading ecosystems, plus a broad range of locations, power densities and price points.


Central London and Docklands
data centres

  • Best for network choice and convenient access (for users based locally)
  • High-quality dual or multi-site solutions possible when combined with our M25-based sites
  • Crosspoint’s six central London data centres offer a range of options and pricing points
  • For network choice: Telehouse
  • For value and power: Volta


The London Docklands data centre market is well established and is a world-leading connectivity hub. This is due to Telehouse North opening in East India Dock in 1990. Telehouse North is Crosspoint’s busiest site with over 40 cabinets in use.

Telehouse East, Global Switch London North and Telecity Harbour Exchange opened in 1999/2000, and all were deliberately placed to be as close as possible to the established fibre routes into Telehouse North.

All our Docklands data centres are well connected, but as with all older facilities, power densities can sometimes be limited. 2kW and 10Amps per full rack is typical, but Telehouse West (which opened in 2010) offers more modern standards of 4kW per cabinet on average and higher-density areas (6–10kW).

Colocation pricing in London Docklands tends to be quite high. However, for our wholesale customers such as carriers and telcos, it’s a ‘no-brainer’ to colocate here as the choice of interconnection partners is unsurpassed. Crosspoint’s part-rack solutions are an ideal way to access these key network hubs on a highly cost-effective basis.

Volta is located in Farringdon, about 3 miles west of London Docklands on the edge of London’s Tech City. This site opened in 2013 and offers exceptional quality and reliability. Power densities start at 4kW per cabinet, but up to 20kW is possible. Volta represents a superb-value proposition in a unique and modern central London facility.

West London and M25
data centres

  • Best for superb facilities to the west and south of London (and avoids need to go into central London)
  • High-quality dual or multi-site solutions are possible when combined with our Docklands sites
  • Superb-value £/kW options, power from 3kW-20kW per rack
  • For network choice: Equinix LD5 Slough
  • For value and power: Everest Reading


Our West London and M25 data centres offer higher power densities than the older Docklands sites. Conversely, they also offer less network access.

Equinix LD4 (Slough) opened in 2007. An early tenant, Chi-X, has become one of London’s leading equities trading platforms. This has attracted numerous banks, brokers and other trading platforms to LD4. Forex Trading is another asset class traded in LD4, and key platforms such as PrimeXM, LMAX or Currenex are available. These are accessible either by direct cross-connects or Crosspoint’s low-latency Internet platform.

The larger Equinix LD5 opened in 2010. Customers can easily cross-connect from LD5 to LD4 (which is just 100 metres away). Therefore only the most latency-sensitive customers will mind which building they are in.

LD4 and LD5’s strong financial ecosystem has brought a decent carrier list to Slough. Crosspoint’s part-rack solutions (which start from 1U) offer cost-effective access to the Equinix campus, especially when combined with our connectivity products.

Everest (Reading) opened in 2013. It’s just off the M4, about 20 miles west of Slough. It’s a high-quality yet competitively priced data centre. We can offer colocation solutions here at about half the price per kW of other sites. Situated 50 miles from our Docklands sites, it’s the perfect pairing for customers seeking geographic diversity across two facilities. Everest is on Crosspoint’s network, so dedicated point-to-point circuits are easily arranged and are competitively priced. Power densities are very flexible, from 1.75kW up to 7kW or more (and from 8Amps per cabinet).

Further South, in Surrey, we offer part-rack colocation at Digital Realty’s 200,000 sq ft Woking data centre. This huge facility offers unsurpassed levels of site security to the most stringent government standards. A decent carrier list is also available. We can offer 3kW to 5kW per cabinet, and our network here connects to Telehouse North and Equinix LD4.

To discuss the best fit for your needs – and to learn more about the features of each data centre and how our connectivity products combine with colocation solutions – just call us on 01483 892048.