Crosspoint LIVE in Equinix LD5 Slough

Crosspoint is delighted to announce that we are finally live in Equinix’s 200,000 sq ft LD5 colocation facility on the Slough Trading Estate.

After a few slight tweaks to our specialist quarter-cabinet units (primarily on the power distribution side) our first cabinet was installed in April 2016, with three customers already live. We’ve also had to switch to a darker blue colour to meet Equinix’s stringent site rules!

Interestingly, two of the dedicated quarter rack customers are also taking 1/4 racks from us in Telehouse North – a very high quality dual site solution, with both sites linked together by Crosspoint’s network offering highly competitive 1Gbs pseudo-wires and 10Gbs wavelengths. Our other clients are smaller, taking one or two U on a shared rack basis, a product we expect to grow significantly in LD5.

In conjunction with our arrival in LD5 Crosspoint has established a new network hub and specialist Internet platform to offer low latency to the various trading exchanges located in the Equinix Slough campus. Whilst Internet based latency will never be as low as a direct cross-connect, it can offer fairly low latency at more reasonable cost. Our upstreams suppliers in LD5 have been carefully selected as they both host a number of such platforms and crucially, both route locally in Slough (not out of a router located back in central London for instance). Crosspoint’s first LINX port has also gone live in LD5 and is now offering sub-ms latency to other LINX members in Slough, including some of the leading FX brokers such as Currenex, Saxo and CNS.

One of the things Equinix has done well with is to allow cross-connects between all their three Slough facilities, namely LD4, LD5 and the newest site, LD6, so it really doesnt matter which site you are in. Equinix cross-connect fees though are certainly something we are having to get used to, but as ever the Crosspoint team can help customers find the most cost-effective solution for these, especially when clients take our own Internet or data centre interconnects.

Equinix LD5 is located at 8 Buckingham Avenue, Slough, SL1 4AX.

For more details about the Equinix LD5 data centre, read on. Alternatively, call us on 01483 892048 or email

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