1Gb/s MPLS pseudo-wires

1Gb/s MPLS pseudo-wires 2018-02-27T15:30:41+00:00

Crosspoint’s 1Gb/s pseudo-wires service is our entry-level data-centre interconnect product. It’s a resilient MPLS-based solution that provides point-to-point and point-to-multipoint services between our 10 on-net London data centres.

Crosspoint network image

Key features

  • Standard presentation 1GBase-LX (1310nm 10km, single-mode fibre, LC connectors) or if distance permits copper its 1GBase-T for Cat5/RJ45
  • Supports 9000 MTU
  • Supports QinQ
  • A low-cost yet highly resilient connection

Crosspoint 1Gb/s MPLS pseudo-wires

As with any MPLS pseudo-wire service, our connection allows users to pass multiple Vlans and QoS tags across the single circuit. What’s more, it has no limits compared to other Vlan-based services. The MPLS protocol also provides resilience against fibre break, meaning your traffic will automatically divert onto the redundant path.

Prices are as low as £245 per month between any of our 10 London data centres. Depending on rack location and facility, our colocation customers can often avoid paying for cross-connects when ordering our pseudo-wire service.

Crosspoint’s range of high-quality, competitively priced network services is also available on a stand-alone basis to customers who do not take colocation from us.

For more details and prices, fill in our simple quote-request form – or just call us on 01483 892048.