10Gb/s wavelengths

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Crosspoint’s 10Gb/s wavelengths service provides high-capacity, ultra-low-latency data-centre interconnects between our 10 London data centres.

Crosspoint network image

Key features

  • Single path per wave as standard (resilient path available, presented as two separate connections)
  • Standard presentation 10Gbase-LR (1310nm 10km, single-mode fibre, LC connectors)
  • Optical DWDM wavelength
  • Supports any Ethernet frame

Crosspoint 10Gb/s wavelengths

Where high availability is required, resilient paths can be added to a solution using the diverse routes across our network. We are also able to design other highly resilient solutions around your specific needs. Pricing will depend on volumes and the term requested, but is always highly competitive.

Depending on rack location and facility, our colocation customers can often avoid paying for cross-connects when ordering our 10Gb/s wavelengths services.

Crosspoint’s range of high-quality, competitively priced network services is also available on a stand-alone basis to customers who do not take colocation from us.

For more details and prices, fill in our simple quote-request form – or just call us on 01483 892048.