Full-rack colocation

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Crosspoint offers a wide variety of full-rack colocation solutions across our portfolio of 12 London data centres. This means customers can choose from high-power yet low-cost-per-kilowatt sites. Customers can also enjoy access to specific data-centre ecosystems such as Telehouse North or the Equinix campus in Slough.


Key features

  • 42–48U secure and lockable cabinets 600mm wide and 1200mm deep
  • Dual A+B power bars provided to your specification, together with digital power meters
  • Inclusive power from 2kW/10Amps up to 4kW/20Amps or more (depending on facility)
  • 24/7 remote-hands support included or available on a pay-per-use basis (depending on facility)
  • 24/7 unaccompanied access
  • Crosspoint’s superb local support service (ideal for customers based overseas)
  • Secure cages for three cabinets or more
  • Crosspoint’s competitively priced suite of connectivity solutions are always available
  • 8Amps from £745 per month in M25 locations, or 2kW/10Amps for £795 per month in Central London

Full-rack colocation with Crosspoint

Crosspoint offers a unique portfolio of 12 high-quality London data centres from a variety of established operators in locations up to 50 miles apart. Our customers are able to take a combination of sites and solutions with the convenience of a single contract. This is backed by our superb locally based support team and 12 years’ experience of operating in these sites.

Site selection will influence factors such as power per cabinet and maximum cabinet height, or whether remote-hands services are included or available on a pay-per-use basis. We can provide full specification details and assist with site selection.

In general, our full cabinets offer power densities in the range of 2kW/10 Amps up to 4kW/20 Amps. The lower power densities are typically found in our older Docklands sites (where the main attraction is carrier access). However, in some cases, the ability to overuse power (up to 3 or 4kW) is possible.

In the more modern facilities, such as Volta or our M25 locations, 4kW/20Amps is typical. Higher power densities of up to 30kW can be offered in two of our sites. For larger deployments of three racks or more, dedicated caged solutions can also be offered.

We can provide advice on other aspects such as cross-connect costs (where there is a huge variation in both install fees and recurring costs depending on provider) and support costs. A short phone call is usually the best way to discuss your needs and gain awareness of the best options to meet your requirements.

Crosspoint’s colocation customers also benefit from a level of service and support the large global colocation operators cannot match. This is an aspect of our business that is particularly helpful to our customers based overseas.

For more details and prices, fill in our simple quote-request form – or just call us on 01483 892048.