Dual or multi-site colocation

Dual or multi-site colocation 2018-02-27T15:27:19+00:00

Dual or multi-site data-centre deployments across our 12 London data centres are available with a single contract. This can include our dedicated point-to-point data-centre interconnects at 1 or 10Gb/s capacities.


Key features

  • Choose from 12 London data centres up to 50 miles apart
  • All sites already linked by Crosspoint’s competitively priced network, at 1 or 10Gb/s
  • Any combination of quarter racks, half racks or full racks is possible
  • Site combinations offer geographic diversity or access to different data-centre ecosystems
  • A really simple one-stop-shop solution for multiple sites and dedicated P2P circuits

High-profile branding

Some customers like the kudos of being in certain locations, with well-recognised brands such as Telehouse or Equinix. For example, a combination of any of the four Telehouse buildings in London Docklands together with Equinix LD5 (Slough) is a good example of this approach, and offers 30 miles of geographic diversity.

Best value and diversity

Both Volta (Farringdon) and Everest (Reading) offer customers a great price per kilowatt and some of the highest power densities in the London data-centre market. Deployments up to 30kW per rack are possible, and both sites are approximately 50 miles apart. Alternatively, using one of the better-value facilities as a back-up location to a more expensive site can help keep costs down.

Dual network-rich locations

Telehouse NorthTelecity HEX/Equinix LD8 and former Telecity Sovereign House, now DRT Sovereign House are the leading network hub locations in London. Customers only seeking network PoPs find that a combination of two of these locations offers great network choice, with some diversity. (The Docklands sites are only 1.5 miles apart, however.)

Depending on the carrier access required, an alternative might be Telehouse North (Docklands) and either Volta (Farringdon) or Equinix LD5 (Slough). The network list in these locations is not as deep as in the longer-established Telecity HEX/Equinix LD8 or DRT SOV, however.

The easiest way to find the best combination to suit your needs is simply to contact us. A quick phone call is usually all it takes to determine a solution, and we can quickly provide a quotation if required.

For more details and prices, fill in our simple quote-request form – or just call us on 01483 892048.