Dedicated quarter racks

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Crosspoint’s dedicated quarter racks offer a secure, high-quality and cost-effective point-of-presence in key London data centres. They are perfect for wholesale users seeking to house a router or switch, and run cross-connects. They also suit enterprise and cloud-service providers, who often use multiple locations linked by our connectivity solutions.


Key features

  • 11U secure and lockable quarter rack in a cabinet 600mm wide and 1200mm deep (9U, 800mm wide, 1200mm deep in Volta)
  • Dual A+B power bars each with 8 x C13, 1 x UK 3-pin socket, and a digital power meter
  • Fully self-contained unit with cross-connects delivered via enclosed trunking
  • Inclusive power from 0.5kW/2.5Amps up to 1kW/5Amps, depending on facility
  • 24/7 remote-hands support included, or available on a pay per use basis (depending on facility)
  • Unaccompanied 24/7 access 
  • Crosspoint’s connectivity solutions always available at competitive prices (and often without cross-connect costs)
  • Fees from £295 per month for our M25 locations, or £395 per month in Central London

Quarter-rack colocation with Crosspoint

Our quarter racks are perfect for ISPs, managed service providers, hosting providers and other wholesale operators. They offer a secure yet high-quality point of presence on a cost-effective basis in a key London data centre ecosystem.

Smaller-scale enterprise and cloud providers also find our quarter racks the ideal entry point to the world-class data centres in the Crosspoint portfolio. In fact, many enterprise customers often take two locations from us. These are directly linked by our competitively priced London-data centre network.

Our quarter-rack cabinets usually offer 11U of space in a cabinet 1200mm deep. They feature dual power supplies as standard. Each customer has their own dedicated pair of power bars, which are fully independent of those of other users in the cabinet. Peace of mind and security of supply is therefore assured. Cross-connects are also securely delivered to customers’ units via dedicated internal trunking.

Crosspoint has been selling dedicated quarter racks since 2004 and our distinctive light-blue cabinets are becoming an increasingly familiar sight in our 12 London data centres. Our unique cabinet design is the result of 12 years’ operational experience. It ensures we can deliver an extremely secure, high-quality colocation solution (even on a part-rack basis) to the most demanding of users.

Crosspoint Colocation power bar diagram

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