Dedicated half racks

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Crosspoint’s dedicated half racks are perfect for larger sub-rack deployments. Our half racks offer up to 23U of secure, lockable rack space, and power from 1kW up to 2kW or more. They are ideal for more powerful routers or larger server and storage installations.


Key features

  • 23U secure and lockable half-rack in a cabinet 600mm wide and 1200mm deep (20U, 800mm wide, 1200mm deep in Volta)
  • Dual A+B power bars each with 16 x C13, 2 x UK 3-pin sockets, and digital power meters
  • Fully self-contained unit with cross-connects delivered via enclosed trunking
  • Inclusive power from 1kW/5Amps up to 2kW/10Amps (depending on facility)
  • 24/7 remote-hands support included, or available on a pay-per-use basis (depending on facility)
  • 24/7 access
  • Crosspoint’s connectivity solutions are always available at competitive prices (and often without a cross-connect)
  • Fees from £595 per month for our M25 locations, or from £795 per month in Central London

Half-rack colocation with Crosspoint

Our dedicated half racks have the same high-quality features as our dedicated quarter racks. They share exactly the same attention to detail, and are based on our proven and unique cabinet design. However, our half racks boast twice the inclusive power and up to 23U of rack space.

Our wholesale clients often use our dedicated half racks to mount larger and more powerful routers, or a combination of both networking equipment and some server hardware. Our enterprise clients tend to take advantage of the higher power available, and use our half racks for larger server and storage deployments. A wide range of power densities is available across our portfolio of 12 London data centres. We can advise on the best site to suit your needs.

Crosspoint Colocation power bar diagram

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